Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
Private peering arrangements allow AT&T to provide the fastest Internet 
access possible  
Offers speeds up to 50 times faster than 28.8 Kbps analog modems   and up 
to 25 times faster than 56 Kbps modems 
Ease of installation and ongoing support 
Provides high speed remote access to the Government's WAN environment 
No dialing in and logging on   no busy signals  
Offers an access solution that's particularly cost effective for growing 
Offers a Single User Line Sharing Option   use the Government's existing 
phone line for both analog phone service and AT&T DSL service 
Direct Measure of Qualities (DMOQs) for Single and Multi User services 
SLA for Multi User service. 
The Government can most specifically benefit from AT&T DSL Internet Service if 
the Government operates: 
A small business or small office/home office using analog dial Internet access 
and needs higher bandwidth 
A small to mid sized business running 56 Kbps private line or ISDN Internet 
A medium or large business with fractional T1 Internet access. 
Use or disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject to the restriction on the title page of this proposal. 
I 6 154 



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