Two other sTLDs were admitted during ICANN's first round of new domain names. The 
domain is an sTLD for co operatives and DotCoop, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCBA 
(National Cooperative Business Association), operates as the sponsor. NCBA is a United States based 
association representing the interests of co operatives and associations of co operatives in the United States. 
The domain 
 is for the museum community and the Museum Domain Management Association 
(MuseDoma) is the sponsoring organisation. MuseDoma was established by the International Council for 
Museums (ICOM) which is an international organisation of museums and museum professionals. 
At the time of writing, ICANN is in the process of considering the introduction of new sTLDs. 
Applications were received between December 2003 and March 2004. There were 10 applications for new 
sTLDs (
Table 4
). A public comment period was available in early 2004. Following this, an independent 
evaluation team will evaluate applications based on the selection criteria, (specified in the Request for 
Proposal, RFP), and make recommendations on which applications should be selected for negotiations on 
registry agreements, by the end of July 2004.
An evaluation of the proposed sTLDs is beyond the scope of this paper. A couple of points, however, 
are worth making. At least one of the proposals, if approved, plans to consider the use of auctions for 
second level domains.
 In addition, several of the proposals appear to have a more open status in terms of 
who can register a second level name or number, than the sTLDs approved in ICANN's first round of 
sTLDs. Finally, several proposals for sTLDs are aimed at supporting new services (
or in serving a `specific community' with an alternative name (
). Although there were 
several proposals for new gTLDs associated with new services during ICANN's first round of new 
domains, none of these were chosen at the so called `proof of concept' stage.  
Table 4.  Proposed sTLDs (March 2004) 
Targets of proposed TLD 
Proposed sponsor 
Sponsor location 
For the Pan Asia and Asia Pacific community 
DotAsia Organisation Limited 
Hong Kong, China 
For the Catalan linguistic and cultural 
Fundacio puntCAT (which 
would be formed only in case 
the TLD is delegated) 
For the international human resource 
The Society for Human 
management community 
Resource Management 
Virginia, United 
For spam free email exchanges 
The Anti Spam Community 
London, United 
For mobile Internet communications 
Mobi JV (working name) 
Helsinki, Finland 
For postal organisations 
Universal Postal Union (UPU) 
Bern, Switzerland 
For IP Communications Service Providers  pulver.com Melville, 
(IPCSPs) to register telephone numbers as 
York, United 
domain names on the Internet and to associate 
IP based services with those registered 
telephone numbers 
For Internet communications 
Telname Limited 
London, United 
For the global travel community 
The Travel Partnership 
New York, New 
York, United 
For the online adult entertainment community 
The International Foundation 
Toronto, Ontario, 
for Online Responsibility 



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