Table 12.  Domain name registration fees under .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ 
among leading gTLDs registrars, March 2004 (in USD per annum) 
Duration of the registration 
1 year 
2 year 
3 year 
5 year 
10 year 
Network Solutions 
34.99 34.99 24.99 19.99  14.99 
DomainsDirect (TuCows) 
Domain Parking Account 
Personal Identity 
34.99 30.00    
24.00  24.00 
Go Daddy Software(1) 
7.95 7.95 7.95 7.95  6.95 
8.95 8.95 8.95 8.95  8.95 
6.95 6.95 6.95 6.95  6.95 
4.95 4.95 4.95 4.95  4.95 
.com, .net, .org 
.info, .biz 
29.95 29.95 29.95 29.95  29.95 
Melbourne IT 
35.00 35.00 35.00 35.00  35.00 
1&1 Internet 
5.95 5.95 5.95 5.95  5.95 
Go Daddy's rates are promotional rates. 
: OECD. 
New registrar services 
Traditionally, the registration of domain names was a one dimensional service. The opening of the 
gTLD registrar market has, however, brought tremendous innovation in terms of new services and 
seamlessly linking value added services to domain name registration. There are several examples of new 
services brought about by competition. One example is the private registration of domain names. 
Network Solutions, Go Daddy Software and eNom all offer a private registration. The service works 
this way. For an additional fee the Registrar will act as a proxy for the registrant in terms of the `Whois? 
database'. Network Solutions offers this service with the lowest annual fee, of USD 5, among major 
registrars. The same service from Go Daddy was charged at USD 12 per annum (USD 9 per annum as a 
promotional offer at the time of writing). The advantage advertised to users is that their contact details are 
not revealed in the `Whois?' database where they might, for example, be obtained by spammers. Another 
example of a service which has been pioneered by Registrars, is the `backordering' of domain names. In 
this case, Registrars will try to obtain an already registered second level domain name should the existing 
registration lapse. 
The leading registries all commonly offer value added services that seamlessly link a domain name to 
other Internet services. The most common additional service is Web hosting. The largest registrars all 
provide Web hosting services aimed at small business users and consumers (
Table 13
). Some registrars 
also provide Web creation services by providing tools or professional assistance. A Web site creation 
package provided by Network Solutions including a 5 page Web site, 2 e mail boxes and Web hosting is 
priced at USD 11.50 per month. Users can also register domain names and instantly receive e mail 
accounts with the use of their own second level domain. Tucows, via resellers such as DomainsDirect for 
example, enables users to have an e mail address associated with their registered domain name and to have 
a domain forwarding service. Services such as Web hosting and e mail were, of course, available prior to 
the opening up of the domain name market. They were, however, generally not seamlessly linked to 
domain name registration in such a way as to enhance competition across a range of services. The ability to 
easily transfer a domain name between registrars has further contributed to this increase in competition. 



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