Registrars, with their large databases of customers, have also entered other markets with aggressive 
price cutting. Go Daddy and 1&1 Internet entered the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate market in 
March 2004. Netcraft, a company that monitors the SSL market noted at the time that both registrars 
appear poised to have an impact on pricing and market share. Netcraft stated, in April 2004,  Both 
companies are selling 128 bit certificates for USD 49.95. Go Daddy priced its certificates at USD 89.95 
upon the March 8 launch of its SSL service, but has since dropped its price to USD 49.95   well below 
comparable products from GeoTrust (USD 149 a year) and VeriSign (USD 199 to USD 349 a year and 
 Companies such as Go Daddy are also making SSL certificate services available to their resellers of 
domain name services. Accordingly, it can be concluded that ICANN reforms to the domain names 
services market have assisted the growth of competition in adjacent markets. 
Table 13.  Some examples of additional services offered by the largest gTLDs registrars 
Network Solutions 
Domain Forwarding, Web Hosting, Web Page Creation, Private Registration  
Domain Forwarding, Web Hosting, Web Creation, Bulk Registration 
Go Daddy Software 
Domain Forwarding, Web Hosting, Web Page Creation, Private Registration, Bulk 
Registration, Back Order Domains 
Web Hosting, Web Page Creation 
Web Hosting, Private Registration  
Melbourne IT 
Domain Forwarding, Web Hosting, Web Page Creation 
1&1 Internet 
Domain Forwarding, Web Hosting, Web Page Creation, Personal e mail based on user's 
: OECD. 
Table 14.  The price of additional services offered by major gTLDs registrars  
(in USD) 
Domain transfer 
Private registration 
Network Solutions 
5.00 per annum 
Tucows 14.99 
Go Daddy Software 
9.00 per annum(1) 
Register.com 39.99 
8.00 per annum 
Melbourne IT 
Not available 
(1) This is a promotional price. The regular price is USD 12 per annum. 
(2) Includes an additional one year of registration. 
: OECD. 
Demand for new gTLDs 
One of the issues raised in association with any discussion of new gTLDs is the likely demand for 
additional names and whether the potential benefits will outweigh the potential costs. The pros and cons of 
adding new domain names to the root are summarised below. Before looking at these it is worth reviewing 
the experience to date with new gTLDs. By the end of 2003 there were just fewer than 2.3 million 
registrations under 
. This suggests there is some demand for new gTLDs. It has, 
however, fallen well short of projections (
Box 1
). Moreover, where businesses engage in so called 



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