This is not to say you can t learn anything from reading a web page or watching a lecture,           
obviously you can, it s just pointing out that there is more interpretation going on than a transfer 
of information from one brain to another. 
2. Constructionism 
Constructionism asserts that learning is particularly effective when constructing something for 
others to experience. This can be anything from a spoken sentence or an internet posting, to 
more complex artifacts like a painting, a house or a software package. 
For example, you might read this page several times and still forget it by tomorrow   but if you 
were to try and explain these ideas to someone else in your own words, or produce a slideshow 
that explained these concepts, then I can guarantee you d have a better understanding that is 
more integrated into your own ideas. This is why people take notes during lectures, even if they 
never read the notes again. 
3. Social Constructivism 
This extends the above ideas into a social group constructing things for one another, collabora 
tively creating a small culture of shared artifacts with shared meanings. When one is immersed 
within a culture like this, one is learning all the time about how to be a part of that culture, on 
many levels. 
A very simple example is an object like a cup. The object can be used for many things, but its 
shape does suggest some "knowledge" about carrying liquids. A more complex example is an 
online course   not only do the "shapes" of the software tools 
indicate certain things about the way 
online courses should work, but the activities and texts produced within the group as a whole will help shape 
how each person behaves within that group.
4. Connected and Separate 
This idea looks deeper into the motivations of individuals within a discussion. Separate            
behavior is when someone tries to remain  objective  and  factual , and tends to defend their own 
ideas using logic to find holes in their opponent s ideas. Connected behavior is a more               
empathic approach that accepts subjectivity, trying to listen and ask questions in an effort to        
understand the other point of view. Constructed behavior is when a person is sensitive to both of 
these approaches and is able to choose either of them as appropriate to the current situation. 
In general, a healthy amount of connected behavior within a learning  community  is  a  very             
powerful stimulant for learning, not only bringing people closer together but promoting deeper 
reflection and re examination of their existing beliefs. 
Once you are thinking about all these issues, it helps you to focus on the experiences that 
would be best for learning from the learner s point of  view,  rather  than  just  publishing  and         
assessing the information you think they need to know. It can also help you realize how each 
participant in a course can be a teacher as well as a learner. Your job as a  teacher  can 
change from being  the source of knowledge  to being an influencer and role model of class 
culture, connecting with students in a personal way that addresses their own learning needs, 
and moderating discussions and activities in a way that collectively leads students towards the 
learning goals of the class. 
Obviously Moodle doesn t force this style of behavior, but this is what it is best at supporting.             
In future, as the technical infrastructure of Moodle stabilizes, further improvements  in          
pedagogical  support will be a major direction for Moodle development. You are invited to be a 
part of this future by contributing your ideas and experiences using Moodle with your students.  
Join the online community of teachers and business trainers at



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