Getting Started 
Creating a New User Account 
Before you can do anything in Moodle you must create a New Account. By default this is done 
via e mail confirmation. A message is sent from Moodle after completing the New Account         
registration form (Fig. 2), accessible from the main Login screen (Fig. 1). Other forms of user 
authentication are supported in Moodle (e.g. manual accounts only, external database, POP3, 
LDAP etc.), and these are explained in the Administration section of this manual.   
Once a user account is established the primary Moodle administrator can change an accounts 
login permissions. Following are types of user accounts that can be assigned to a Moodle user: 
     Student (default   can interact with course content only) 
     Teacher with Editing Permissions (can populate a course with activities and             
provide learner feedback   e.g. grades, assignment comments etc.) 
     Teacher without Editing Permissions (can provide learner feedback only   e.g. grades, 
assignment comments etc.)  
     Course Creator (can create new courses, teach within them and assign teachers) 
     Administrator (can do anything and go anywhere within Moodle   see page 44) 
Step 1: Click  Start now by creating a 
new account button  
Step 2: Complete signup form and click 
 Create my new account  button 
Step 3: Respond to the e mail sent by 
clicking link within message 
Fig. 1 
Fig. 2 
Fig. 3 
Participants complete the process of creating a New Account by clicking 
the link sent by Moodle in an e mail message they receive. This step 
should not be omitted when using the default e mail authentication 
method. E mail link will login new user to Moodle site front page (Fig. 3). 
Once you have created a New Account ask the Moodle administrator to 
change your accounts login permissions. 



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