Course Management 
Course Setup   Side Blocks 
If this is the first time you are entering a new course created for you by an administrator, it will 
be mostly blank (see Fig. 4). Course templates have block areas on the left and right sides, 
with  course content activities being added in the middle of the screen. Side blocks can be 
added, removed and moved around on the course homepage to fit your needs.  
To reveal Moodle s features for 
adding content and arranging side 
Fig. 5 
blocks in your course, click the 
 Turn editing on  button located in 
the top right corner of the screen 
(Fig. 5).  
This action will reveal features for 
adding activities and resources in 
the content area of the course, and 
allow you to work with side blocks. 
The following is a description of 
Moodle side blocks included during 
installation, and their functions.  
This block has three selections, including: 
Participants (shows list view of everyone enrolled in course) 
Groups (see Learner Management section in manual) 
Edit profile (allows a user to add personal information to their profile   Fig. 6) 
Encourage learners to add a 
picture and details to their 
profile by clicking the  Edit 
profile  button
Fig. 6 
Whenever you add a different activity or resource to your course, an icon will appear in this 
block representing the  specific  Moodle   module   (e.g.  Forum,  Journal,  Assignment  etc.).                  
These icons will link to a list of all instances of that modules activity that appear throughout 
the course. For students this provides a quick way to access a specific learning activity, 
teacher feedback or grade. For teachers they can access Learner Management features 
covered in that section of the manual. 
This block allows a user to post significant events, relative to their account permissions:  
Site (event viewable in all courses   created by admin users) 
Course (event viewable only to course members   created by teachers) 
Groups (event viewable only by members of a group   created by teachers) 
User (personal event a student user can create   viewable only by the user) 



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