Course Management 
If you add closing dates to an Assignment, Forum, Quiz or Chat activity 
within your course, these events will show up on the  Calendar                    
automatically. You can view previous or future months on Calendar by 
clicking the left/right arrows next to the current month's name (Fig. 7). 
Today's date is always outlined in black. Other events are color coded 
based on what the event is (color key under Calendar). You can hide or 
show various categories of events by clicking on the color key.  
For example, if you wanted to hide Group event dates (events assigned 
to learner Groups you create), click  Group events  on the bottom of the          
Fig. 7 
Calendar. This would hide all group events, and the color code would  
disappear from the link on the calendar. To show the events again, click 
the Group Events link again.  
 Steps To Adding A Calendar Event 
1.  Click month on Calendar (e.g. January) 
2.  In Calendar view click  New Event  button (Fig. 8) 
3.  From New Event page select: 
     User event (event unique to the user only) 
     Group event (if Groups are enabled, select group within course event is for) 
     Course event (for learners within the course only) 
     Site event (created by admin users only) 
4. Add event properties (Fig. 9) and click Save changes. Event will now display with 
color code within Calendar block (Fig. 10).   
Fig. 8 
Fig. 9 
Fig. 10 



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