Course Management 
Upcoming Events  
This block displays upcoming Calendar events in an abbreviated list, with links to the actual 
event so all details can be viewed. If this event is an Assignment,  Forum,  Quiz  or  Chat           
closing date the participant can link directly to this activity.  
Allows participants to do a Google like search of all Forums, for the occurrence of their 
search value. 
These features are discussed in the Learner Management section of the manual. 
This block will display a list of all courses (only) that a participant is enrolled in, allowing 
one click access to another course home page.  
Latest News  
The News forum (default) within your course provides a why in which you can post course 
news you want participants to receive. Any posting made in this forum will display as a listed 
item in the Latest News block.  
Recent Activity 
This block displays two types of information for a participant; an abbreviated list of what they 
have done since their last login (displayed within the block), and a more detailed  Full report 
of recent activity . This latter features provides the participant with a Normal view displaying 
a list of recent activity by module, or an Advanced view where report criteria can be set.  
Recent Activity is a great way to quickly spot check course participation of a 
specific learner, using the Advanced search feature.  
Online User 
Displays name and image of everyone logged in to the course within the past 5 minutes. 
Customizing Block Placement  
Blocks can be added, removed and moved around on the course 
Fig. 11 
home page to meet the needs of your classroom. When you click  
 Turn editing on  the Block block appears (Fig. 11), allowing you to  
easily perform these actions on any of the blocks we have discussed in 
this section of the manual.   
When editing is turned on, symbols for manipulating a block appear in the header (Fig. 12), 
     Eye   Hides or shows the block to students 
     X   Removes block and adds it back to Block drop down list 
   Moves block up or down in position  
   Moves block to left or right side of screen 
Fig. 12 
Moodle open source developers are regularly adding new side blocks!   
Check the Blocks forum in the Using Moodle course at 
for recent additions. 



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