Course Management 
Course Setup   Settings 
In the simpliest of terms, a Moodle course is comprised of learning activities presented to  
participants within a specific format. This format can be open ended consisting of a number of 
topics, or it can be more formal such as structured  around  a  beginning  and  ending  date          
(like Fig. 1), or it can be formatted to encourage informal learning. Moodle allows you to select 
one of these three formats while setting up your course: 
     Topic (for open ended or ongoing enrollment   self paced learning) 
     Weekly (structured, with a beginning and ending time period   e.g. school environments) 
     Social (Forums that encourage informal modes of learning   peer interaction) 
All features available from the Administration block will be covered in the Learner Management 
section of the manual, except for the Settings selection. This selection is central to course 
management in that this is where you will structure the online learning experience for your 
participants. When you you click the Settings link in the Administration  block  the                        
 Edit course settings screen (Fig. 13) appears, allowing you to make the following selections: 
Fig. 13 
The course  Settings  screen is where the online learning experience is 
structured for your students. Moodle allows a course creator to select 
different formats for their course including Topic, Weekly or Social format. 



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