Course Management 
Guest access: 
You have the choice of allowing "guests" into your course. People can log in as guests 
using the "Login as a guest" button on the login screen. Guests ALWAYS have "read only" 
access   meaning they can t leave posts or otherwise mess up the course for real students. 
This can be useful when you want to let a colleague in to look around at your work, or to let 
students see a course before they have decided to enroll. You have a choice between two 
types of guest access: with the enrolment key or without. If you choose to allow guests who 
have the key, then the guest will need to provide the current enrolment key EVERY TIME 
they log in (unlike students who only need to do it once). This lets you restrict your guests.  
If you choose to allow guests without a key, then anyone can enter into your course.  
Hidden sections: 
This option allows you to decide how the hidden sections in your course are displayed to 
students. By default, a small area is shown (in collapsed form, usually gray) to indicate 
where the hidden section is, though they still can not actually see the hidden activities and 
texts. This is particularly useful in the Weekly format, so that non class weeks are clear. If 
you choose, these can be completely hidden, so that students don t even know sections of 
the course are hidden. 
News items to show: 
A special forum called "News" appears in the "Weekly" and "Topics" course formats. It s a 
good place to post notices for all students to see. (By default, all students are subscribed to 
this forum, and will receive your notices by email.) This setting determines how many recent 
items appear on your course home page, in the Latest News block or News forum.                
If you set it to "0 news items" then the Latest News block won t appear on the home page. 
Show grades: 
Many Moodle activities allow grades to be set. By default, the results of all grades within the 
course can be seen in the Grades page, available to students from the course home page 
"Administration" block. If a teacher is not interested in using grades in a course, or just 
wants to hide grades from students, then they can disable the display of grades using this 
setting. This does not prevent individual activities from using or setting grades, it just 
disables the results being displayed to students. 
Show activity reports: 
Activity reports are available for each participant that show their activity in the current 
course. As well as listings of their contributions, these reports include detailed access logs. 
Teachers always have access to these reports, using the  Activity  link visible on each 
participants profile page. Student access to their own reports is controlled by the teacher via 
this course setting. For some courses these reports can be a useful tool for a student to 
reflect on their involvement and appearance within the online environment, but for some 
courses this may not be necessary. Another reason for turning it off is that the report can 
place a bit of load on the server while being generated. For large or long classes it may be 
more efficient to keep it off (default). 
Maximum upload size: 
This setting defines the largest size of file that can be uploaded by students in this course, 
limited by the site wide setting created by the administrator. It is possible to further restrict 
this size through settings within each Moodle activity module. 
Your word for .: 
These four fields allow you define what names will appear within the course for teachers 
and students.  
Force language: 
Allows you to set course language setting to a default, which will override a students 
settings. Moodle has language packs for over 50 languages, which change all screen 
information and help files to the language selected. Course content which is added is in the 
language in which it was created, Moodle does not automatically interpret such content.  



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