Course Management 
Course Setup   Design Tools 
This section will discuss Moodle design tools (editing symbols and the HTML editor), used 
during course creation. A good way to become familiar with these basic features is to add a 
summary description in the Top section of the course home page for your participants (Fig. 16).               
Begin by clicking the  Turn editing on  button. This action will reveal: 
Block side block for adding, removing and moving side blocks (see page 9) 
Add an activity and Add a resource lists (Fig. 14   discussed on page 16) 
Activity/Resource editing symbols  
Top section 
Fig. 14 
Editing Symbols 
Each time you add an instance of an activity or resource to your course, a series of editing 
symbols will appear alongside the link. For example, notice in Fig. 14 these symbols appear 
to the right of the  News forum , added by default when  the  course  shell  was  created.          
The following is an explanation for these editing symbols: 
 Indents activity (left facing arrow appears to un indent) 
     Moves activity up or down in relation to other activities (in topic/weekly areas) 
     Allows you to Edit the activities properties 
  Deletes activity 
     Hides activity from students (or shows the item if it is already hidden) 
     Displays  Group  setting status of activity (Groups discussed in Learner Management) 
Course Home Page Summary Description 
To add comments in the Top section of the course home page that describes your course to 
participants, click the Edit icon link for the Top section area. This action will bring up the  
sections Summary of week/topic property screen (Fig. 15). You can add an image with your 
description, and when complete simply click  Save Changes  to see your summary appear 
on the course home page (Fig. 16). Each topic/week in  your  course  can  have  a              
Summary description. 



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