Course Management 
Course Setup   Adding Activities and Resources 
A Moodle course is populated with activities in one of two ways; by adding a  module  instance 
from the Activities drop down menu (Fig. 18), or by adding an internal or external Resouce 
(Fig. 19).  An internal resouce is defined as a file you create within Moodle using say the                  
HTML editor, and an external resource is typically a file stored elsewhere on the Internet, on 
another server or elsewhere within Moodle. 
This section of the manual will explain both activity modules and resources. The following 
activity modules are discussed: 
     Book (not standard) 
     Dialogue (not standard) 
Fig. 19 
Fig. 18 
Assignment Module 
In a bricks & mortar classroom an instructor may provide learners with an assignment that 
typically gets assessed (or graded) for completion. Adding an instance of an Assignment 
module activity allows you to do this. An assessment can be made from either a 
participants online submission of an electronic file (Word, PowerPoint etc.), or from an 
offline submission of the project in an actual classroom.  
In either case the instructor can  provide  an  assessment/grade  or  written  feedback           
to the participant on their assignment, using Moodle's Learner Management  features           
(see that section of the manual). When you select Assignment from the drop down menu 
a property screen appears with the following values to be completed:  
Assignment name: 
Give your assignment a name (e.g.  Report on Topic Content)  
You can be as brief or expanded as you want when adding details of the assignment.  
If your are adding rich content, tables etc. to your description, expand the HTML editor 
into full screen mode so you can make your webpage document look nice when 
participants view it. 
Assignment type: 
Select whether participants will complete the assignment as an Offline activity, or 
Upload a single file. If the latter, participants will have an option at the bottom of the 
screen to upload a file (not viewable during teacher login).  
Allow resubmitting: 
Select whether course participants can submit the assignment more than once. 



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