Course Management 
If this assignment is graded, select a value for the grade or select a scale that is being 
used. In the Learner Management section of the manual you will learn how to create 
custom grade scales and assessment of your own. 
Maximum size: 
If you selected Upload a single file for Assignment type, set this value for the maximum 
size file (Word, Excel PowerPoint etc.) a participant can upload. This is typically only a 
few megabytes in size, unless the assignment is a multimedia file submission. 
Due date: 
When the course is running in a  Weekly  format there is an option to set a date for 
when this assignment is due by. This date will appear in the course Calendar as a 
reminder for participants. If you are using Topic format, set this date for say a few 
years in advance so the assignment activity will never become unavailable to students. 
Book Module 
(non standard)
Book module allows you to set up indexed multi page study material (Fig. 20), which is 
ideal for presenting linear content (think PowerPoint). Property options allow you to set 
how chapters are numbered and whether participants can print content. There is also 
an option that allows you to add custom titles to each section of content created. 
Fig. 20 
Resources and Activity modules like Forums, Assignments, Journals, 
Lessons, Chats and Quizzes are what make up a Moodle course.         
Setting up a new course begins when the teacher or course creator 
clicks the  Turn editing on  button located in the upper right corner of the 
Developers are regularly adding new Activity modules and 
add ons to the Moodle open source project. These additions  
can be downloaded at  



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