Course Management 
This activity allows teachers and participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, 
like say a dictionary of terms specific to course content (Fig. 21). The entries can be 
searched or browsed in many different formats. The glossary also allows teachers to 
export entries from one glossary to another (the main one) within the same course. 
Finally, it is possible to automatically create links to these entries from throughout the 
For example, each time a participant encounters a term within the glossary within say a 
forum post, assignment activity or quiz, the term is highlighted in grey. Clicking the 
highlighted term will display that glossary definition in a pop up window. 
Fig. 21 
Glossary setup properties allow you to establish whether students can add to the 
glossary, what format is used (e.g. dictionary, encyclopedia, FAQ etc.), whether 
comments can be added to an entry, whether linking is enabled, and like forums whether 
a term can be rated by participants. With a degree of imagination a glossary activity can 
really make a course shine!  



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