Course Management 
Journal Module 
This activity can be very important when reflective activity is encouraged, either connected 
with a certain coruse topic or as part of another activity. The teacher asks the student to 
reflect on a particular topic, and the student can edit and refine their answer over time. 
This answer is private and can only be seen by the teacher, who can offer feedback and a 
grade on each journal entry (discussed in Learner Management section of manual).          
It s usually a good idea to have about one Journal activity per week. 
Journal properties setup allows you to create a description for the activity, determine 
whether the student entry carries a grade or assessment, and set a time period in days or 
weeks for when entries can be submitted. 
Lesson Module 
A lesson delivers content in an interesting and flexible way. It consists of a number of 
pages. Each page normally ends with a question and a number  of  possible  answers            
(Fig. 22). Depending on the student s choice of answer they either progress to the next 
page or are taken back to a previous page. Navigation through the lesson can be straight 
forward or complex, depending largely on the structure of the material being presented. 
Lessons are a great way to assess practical knowledge of a subject, and with creative use 
of Moodle's HTML editor very effective simulations can be built.  
Fig. 22 
Lesson module allows you to add entire lessons that guide the student based on the      
student's answers. It might be helpful to think of a Lesson activity as a kind of flowchart. 
The student reads some content. After the content, you ask the student some questions. 
Based on the answers the student gives, the system sends the student to another page in 
the Lesson. For example, if a student chooses question one, then the system might go to 
page 3. If the student chooses answer two, the system goes to page 1. If the student        
answers question 3, the system goes to page 5 etc. Lessons  are  very  flexible,  but  do       
require some set up.  
To add a Lesson, select Lesson from the 
Add an activity menu on the course 
homepage. This action will take you to the 
Lesson editing properties page (Fig. 22a). 
Fill in the Name of the lesson. Next, select 
the maximum grade to be given for the 
whole lesson (a number from 0 100). 
Fig. 22a 



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