Course Management 
Once you have all of the fields in your Lesson set up, click  Save page.  This will take you 
to a summary page like Fig. 22c. From the summary page you can add another page,  
using the link in the upper right or the lower right.  
Fig. 22c 
If you click on the link above the page, your new page will be added before the page you 
are looking at. If you click on the link below the page, your new page will be added          
after the current page. You would then fill in the new page with 
content, a question (at the end of the content), your answers,  
responses, and  jump to  fields. You can repeat that as many 
times as you like. Once you have more than one page, you can 
move the pages around by clicking on the arrows near the top of 
Fig. 22d 
the page descriptions (Fig. 22d). 
Once some (or all) of your pages 
are in the system, you can check 
to make sure things work the way 
you expect. To test the pages, 
click on the  Check navigation  link 
at  the  bottom  of  the  page                
(Fig. 22e). This will take you to the 
Fig. 22e 
testing screen (what students 
see), as shown in Fig. 22f. 
Fig. 22f 



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