Course Management 
Quiz Module 
Quiz module allows the teacher to design and set quiz tests, consisting of multiple choice, 
true false, short answer questions etc. (Fig. 24). These questions 
are kept in a categorized database, and can be re used within 
courses and even between courses. Quizzes can allow multiple 
attempts. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the teacher 
can choose whether to give feedback or to show correct answers. 
Fig. 24 
Quiz module includes grading facilities. 
Working with Quiz module involves a simple step by step process, 
which includes: 
Step 1   Create a quiz activity on the course home page using the  Add an activity  drop 
down list, and set all properties for the Quiz. Properties can include: 
a.) an opening and close date for the quiz 
b.) a time limit 
c.) whether answers and questions are shuffled when a new attempt is made 
d.) whether more than one attempt is allowed 
e.) whether attempts build on previous attempt 
f.)  a grading method or curve 
g.) how quiz gives feedback 
h.) whether students can view past attempts 
i.)  a maximum grade given for the quiz 
j.) an optional password to access the quiz  
Step 2    Select a category to create your quiz questions in. If no categories exist, click the 
 Edit categories  button and add a new category (Fig. 25).
Fig. 25 
Step 3   From the Create new questions list select a type of question to create (Fig. 24). 
Moodle allows you to import questions from a file or other learning management system  
such as Blackboard, WebCT and IMS QTI formats.  
Step 4   Once you have added questions to the category (Fig. 26), you will publish these 
question to the Quiz activity.  Select each one and click the  <
After placing each question in the proper order (Fig. 27) and optionally assigning a grade 
value, you are ready to complete the Quiz activity. Simply click the  Save this whole quiz  
button and the Quiz activity will now be available from the course home page.  
Fig. 26 
Fig. 27 



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