Course Management 
To start building a category of questions, either select an existing category or create a new one 
as indicated. Once you have made your selection from the Category drop down list, the screen 
will refresh and display any existing questions that have been created under the category you 
have selected (Fig. 25). Moodle gives you options at this point as to how questions are created 
and added to the category: 
     Import questions from file: this imports existing questions from file systems Moodle 
recognizes (AON, Blackboard, Course Test Management, GIFT, IMS/QTI, Missing word 
format and WebCT). 
     Create multiple questions: this feature creates a specified number  of  random          
questions. These questions are drawn randomly from your database of pre existing 
questions. You specify the category the questions come from, so Moodle will not             
accidentally ask questions about Othello when you are teaching Hamlet! 
     Create new question: (most common selection) 
When you create a new question, it is stored in the category you select. It  is  then  always           
available to add to any quiz at any time. To create a new question, select the type of question 
you want from the pull down menu. You have the option of adding:  
1.  Multiple choice questions 
2.  True/False questions  
3.  A short answer question  
4.  A numerical question 
5.  Matching question  
6.  Description question  
7.  Random set  
8.  Random short answer 
9.  A special embedded question (Cloze) 
Multiple Choice   To add a multiple choice question, select Multiple Choice in the  Create new 
question   drop down menu. This will take you to the multiple choice question screen. Type in 
the name of the question (something to help you identify the question in the list), and type in 
the question. You do not have to type the answers in the  Question  box   the program will list 
the answers you type in the various  Choice #   boxes. 
You may select an image to display, if you have any loaded resources in the course Files area 
(see Learner Management section of manual).  You may then select if students are allowed to 
select more than one answer, or if there is only one answer allowed. Next, fill in your answers 
for the multiple choice question, and include feedback text if you wish. 
In Moodle, you have an option to apply a weight  to  multiple  choice  questions.  The  positive          
answers must add up to 100%, or the system will ask if that is what you want to do. You do 
have the option to assign negative weight to an answer, such that a wrong answer might          
actually count against the student, instead of being no credit. This might be true where multiple 
answers are possible, such that A) is worth 50%, B) is worth  50% and C)  is  worth  50%.          
A student selecting A) and C) would get full credit, but a student selecting A) and B) would get 
no credit at all. You do have the option to make a wrong answer not count either way as well. 
When you are done filling in your questions, answers, feedback and grade, click on           
 Save changes.  This action will return you to the quiz edit  screen  (Fig.  26),  with  the  new          
question listed. You are now ready to add another question. 
True/False    the questions are just that   true/false. To add a true/false question, select True/
False from the  Create new question  drop down menu. This will take you through a process 
similar to that of creating multiple choice questions discussed above. 
Short Answer    To create a short answer question, select Short Answer from the  Create new 
question  drop down menu. This will take you through a process  similar  to  that  of  creating         
multiple choice questions discussed above. Fill in the question name (something that will tell 
you what the question is) and the question itself. The question can have up to 5 short answer 
 answers.  This can be very flexible. You can make a fill in the blank (e.g. President Bush is 



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