Course Management 
blank worth 2 points where the answer is  Maine  (and  spelling  does  count!).                  
You may list other correct answers by separating them by a tilde sign (~)   like this (don't 
forget the = sign): {2:SHORTANSWER:=Maine~=Ohio}. 
When you have everything the way you want it, click on   Save  changes.   Your  Embedded           
Answers question will now display on Editing quiz screen list (Fig. 27b) of questions for your 
Fig. 27a 
Fig. 27b 
Quiz module uses a publishing metaphor. A quiz activity is created on 
the course homepage, which leads to the Editing quiz screen where 
categories of questions are created first. Once a category is created, 
questions are populated into the category. Finally, the course creator 
selects questions from a category to publish to the quiz activity. 



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