Course Management 
Element Weight sets the weight of the element. In our example all 5 elements are 
weighted with a weight of 1. That means each element  is  worth  the  same,  or  20%           
(5 elements at 20% each = 100%). If we feel an element should be worth more or less 
than other elements, we can change the weight (from 0 to 4 times weight   there are 
negative weights as well, but they are experimental). In our examples, we will leave the 
weight as 1. 
Element 2 field, we will choose one of the sliding scales, the 5 point Excellent/Very Poor 
scale. This creates a scale that has 5 options, from Excellent to Very Poor. The grade of 
the element is based on the choice. In our  example,  each  element  is  worth  20%.            
If someone rates my paper as a 3 on the scale, I will get 3/5 (a rating of 3 out of a               
possible 5) of 20, or 12 points for this element. We need to fill in the element description 
in a way that can be answered by the scale  Excellent  to  Very  Poor.  In  our  example,             
we will use  Rate the paper on how well it is written.  
Element 3 field, we will use the  Score out of 100  scale. This allows the reviewer to  
select a score of 0 to 100 for this element. The grade of this element is based on the 
score given. If I get a score of 75 on the scale, I will get 75/100 credit, or 15 points             
(75% of 20 total points). We need to describe the element in a way that can be evaluated 
on a 100 point scale. For this example, we will use  On a scale of 100, rate how well the          
author did research.  
Other elements are filled out in a similar 
way. When we have filled out the other 
elements, our example looks like Fig. 30. 
Click  Save changes  to save your 
changes. The system will then ask if you 
want to  Amend Assignment Elements 
again.  If you want to go back and make 
changes, click on  Yes ; otherwise, click 
 No.  You will now see a screen like this 
Fig. 31. 
Fig. 30 
Fig. 31 
A Workshop is a peer assessment activity with a huge array of options. 
It allows participants to assess each other s projects, as well as 
exemplar projects, in a number of ways. It also coordinates the 
collection and distribution of these assessments in a variety of ways. 
Workshop module does have a learning curve, however the effort made 
can include greater student participation.  



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