Course Management 
Fill out each element with a yes/no question and set the weight. When you weight a 
question, it will count that weight against the yes or no count. For example, if we had 3 
questions, and weighted one question as 
 2,  and the other two questions as  1,  
the first question would have twice the 
weight of the other two.  
That means if a reviewer selects  No  on 
the first question (the weighted one), it 
would count as two  No's  on the grade 
(or an 85 in the example grade chart). 
When done, click  Save changes . Our 
Fig. 34 
example would look like Fig. 35. 
Criterion Grading Strategy 
This strategy lets the reviewer pick ONE 
statement that matches the project. Each 
statement has a grade assigned to it. 
When you click on a Criterion workgroup 
for the first time, you will see a screen 
like Fig. 36. 
In each element section, write the state 
ment you want and assign a suggested 
Fig. 35 
grade to that statement. The reviewer 
may change the suggested grade up or 
down by up to 20 points. When you are 
finished, click on  Save changes.  our 
example looks like Fig. 37. 
Fig. 36 
Fig. 37 
Rubric Grading Strategy 
This strategy is very similar to the Criterion. In the Rubric, the reviewer must select ONE 
statement that most closely matches the project.  Each statement has a grade attached 
to it.  The difference with the Rubric is that it allows a statement for  multiple elements, so 
a project might have 5 elements to it, each of which has statements to be matched to the 
project. The total grade is based on each element grade. When you click on a Rubric           
workshop for the first time, you will see a screen like Fig. 38. 



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