Course Management 
The Element box is where you describe 
what  you  want  the  reviewer  to  evaluate.             
You  may  then  set  the  weight  of  the           
element. You then fill in at least two of the 
 Grade  boxes. You do NOT have to fill in 
all five  (but you can if you wish). The          
system will ignore everything after the first 
Fig. 38 
blank box, and will calculate the grade 
based  on  how  many  possibilities  are             
For example, if I have 5 elements all 
weighted as 1, each element is worth 20%. Each grade box (inside each element)           
divides the 20 points available to the element. If I fill in 2 boxes, Grade 0 is worth zero 
points (Grade 0 is always worth zero points, no matter how many boxes are filled out), 
and the statement in Grade 1 is worth all 20 points. If I fill out 3 boxes, Grade 0 is worth 
0, Grade 1 is worth 10 points, and Grade 2 is worth all 20. If I fill out all 5 boxes, Grade 0 
is worth 0, Grade 1 is worth 5, Grade 2 is worth 10, Grade 3 is worth 15, and Grade 4 is 
worth all 20 points. The reviewer will pick ONE statement for EACH element. 
Fill in each element description, pick the 
weight, and fill in as many grade boxes as 
you like for each element (you must fill out 
at  least  two  Grade  boxes  for  each           
element, or the element will not count). 
The best grade is always the last state 
ment. Click on  Save changes.  Our exam 
ple looks like Fig. 39. Element one would 
have 3 choices. The reviewer would pick 
one of them for this element, and would 
then  do  the  same  for  the  remaining             
Fig. 39 



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