Course Management 
Course Setup   Adding Audio & Video
Moodle allows you to embed rich media into an activity you create within your course when      
using the HTML editor. Your Moodle administrator should enable the Multimedia plug in  Filter  
setting (see Administration section of manual)  in  advance.  Examples  of  media  player  files           
supported within Moodle include: 
     Windows Media 
How to add a media resource: 
Step 1: Create an instance of an activity on the course home page. As an example we will create an 
 Assignment  called The Interview (Fig. 40). Complete all properties for this activity. In the example we have 
selected that this will be an assignment requiring the student to upload their work online (see page 16), entered 
a Grade value and Due date.  
assignment  and  added  a  link  to  a           
Windows Media video file, entering the text 
 Review this video  for our link. Linking to a 
resource stored in the Files area of the 
course is easy. Select the URL link button 
on the HTML editor and locate a file by 
using the Browse button (Fig. 41) on the 
Insert a Link screen. Our resource 
(interview.wmv) is stored within the course 
Files area (Fig. 42). 
Step 3: Click  Save changes  when you 
have completed creating the activity. The 
results (Fig. 43) will display in the browser 
as your students will the assignment. 
Embed audio narration (MP3) files into a Quiz  
or Lesson, and find other ways to enrich course  
activities using multimedia resources. 
Fig. 40 
Fig. 41 
Fig. 43 
Moodle has built in media filters for Flash, Windows Media 
Player, QuickTime and MP3 files. Embedding these resources in 
an activity using the HTML editor displays the file, with its control 
Fig. 42 
features, with the page you create.  



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