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Course Setup   Adding Math Equations
Moodle supports TeX and Algebra notation to add mathematical expressions anywhere in a 
module where the HTML editor is used. Please note that  your  Moodle  administrator  must          
enable the TeX and Algebra  Filters  for these functions to work. 
There are a couple of ways to add mathematical expressions. For very simple expressions, you 
can use the superscript and the subscript functions in  the  HTML  editor.  More  complicated          
expressions (fractions, calculus, etc.) need more advanced formatting, using the algebra filter. 
This filter uses coding to create mathematical expressions.  
The good news is that it is very simple to use. The code looks like a mathematical expression 
you would type (like x^2 = y), except you enclose it in double  @  signs, like this: @@x^2 = 
y@@. The filter is flexible and can ignore spacing:  
     @@xy=z@@ is the same as @@ x y = z @@.  
     The filter can make full use of parenthesis for organization, so @@(length)/(height)@@ is 
a valid expression. 
Fig. 44 shows some examples of what the 
input  into  Moodle  would  look  like,  with  the                    
corresponding output.  
More complicated expressions   TeX 
Moodle  supports  TeX  notation  for  more        
complicated mathematical expressions. TeX 
expressions are always enclosed in double $. 
A TeX expression looks like $$sinx^2$$. TeX 
expressions can be more complicated. 
For more information on TeX formatting see:
c o u r s e s / m a t h 6 9 6 / L a T e X   i n   l i n e  
     h t t p : / / w w w . m a t h e b o a r d . d e /
Fig. 44 
For a great Moodle glossary on TeX commands go to  and log in as a Guest. 
To test TeX formatting  live  go to: 
Enroll in the Using Moodle course at and 
visit the  Mathematics Tools  forum. 



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