Course Management 
RSS in Glossaries 
Moodle's RSS feed works almost the same in the 
Glossary module as it does in the Forum module. 
If RSS is enabled, you will see two additional 
Fig. 48 
fields in Glossary setup (Fig. 48). 
     RSS feed for this activity: This turns RSS on or off. When set to  None,  the RSS feed is 
disabled. When set to  Concepts with authors,  the RSS feed will send out the glossary 
entries with the name of the author. When set to  Concepts without authors,  the RSS feed 
sends out glossary entries without the name of the author. 
     Number of RSS recent articles: This number sets the number of entries that go out via 
RSS. If this number is set to 5, then the 5 most recent articles will be sent to subscribers. 
As new entries get added, the oldest  entry gets replaced on the RSS feed. If your glossary 
gets a lot of posts every day, you will want to set this number high. 
When RSS is enabled for your 
Glossary,  an  orange  RSS  button        
appears on the main page (Fig. 49), 
just like when the Forum is enabled. 
Create a Glossary description that 
tells students about RSS. When a 
user clicks on the RSS button, they 
(Fig. 47), needed by the news reader. 
Fig. 49 
Once a user has the RSS news feed 
link, adding it to a reader (Fig. 50) is 
simple and will then display Forum 
and Glossary aggregated information, 
along  with  other  information  they        
subscribe to.  
Fig. 50 
Bloglines is an example of an online web based RSS news reader. 



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