Learner Management 
Learner Management Features 
In this section of the manual you will be introduced to Moodle's features for managing learner 
activity, including: 
Activities block 
Administration block 
Fig. 51 
Moodle allows you to separate students into groups, when for example you assign projects to 
course participants that will work together. You must have either  Separate  or  Visible  groups 
enabled in the course Settings properties (see Fig. 13) to use the Groups feature. If you click on 
 Groups  in the People block (Fig. 51), a screen like Fig 52 appears (you must first click the 
 Turn editing on  button).  
If your course has no students in it 
yet  you  will  see  only  your  name.          
Fig 52 has two students and a 
teacher (#). There are no groups 
yet. To add a group type the name 
of the group in the box next to 
 Add new group,  and then click on 
button. In Fig 53 we have added a 
Fig. 52 
group called  Group1:  
Students can now be added to the 
group. To add a student, simply 
click the student's name and click 
 Add selected to group.  To add 
multiple students to a group at the 
same time, hold down the Shift key 
on your keyboard while clicking on 
each name. If you prefer, you may 
add all of the students to a group 
using the  Randomly assign all to 
groups   button.  After  adding          
Fig. 53 
students to Group1, the screen will 
now look like Fig. 53. If you now 
click  Turn editing off  you will see 
the newly created group (Fig. 54). 
Groups and Activities 
Moodle's Groups feature allows 
you to create distinct activities for 
members of a group. When you 
create an activity, as explained 
Fig. 54 
earlier in the manual, editing tools 
appear in the topic/weekly area 
(Fig. 55) allowing you to select a 
Group relationship for this activity. 
Fig. 55 
Each time you click the Group icon image connected with 
an activity, it will change to reflect a different Group status  
for that activity (e.g., Visible, Separate or No Groups) 



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