Learner Management 
Activities Block 
Activities block (Fig. 56) lists all Moodle modules added during course 
creation (e.g., Forums, Quizzes, Assignments, etc.). The first time you 
enter your course the only module that is listed is  Forums.  This is 
because one forum (News) exists by default. The Activities block list 
will grow as you add different activities to your course. 
As a teacher in the course you can access each activity within a   
module category that appears in the Activities block. Simply click the 
modules  icon  to  see  a  list  of  activities  within  this  category.                   
For example, Fig. 57 shows a list of all  Assignment  activities with a 
link that allows you to view each students submission for an individual 
Fig. 56 
course assignment.  
Let's look at the learner management function for  Assignment #1: 
PowerPoint example. Notice there are 5 submitted assignments. If we 
click the  View 5 submitted assignments  link on the right, this action 
will reveal a screen (Fig. 58) that allows the teacher to access each 
students uploaded assignment, grade this assignment and add feedback comments for the 
student to review.  
Fig. 57 
If this were an  Offline  assignment (see page 16), submitted in class, the teacher would simply 
add the grade and feedback comments. In either case, once learner management functions 
are completed simply click the  Save all my feedback  button. Students will be e mailed a  
message indicating the teacher has commented/graded their assignment. 
Journal module has the same learner management properties for giving students feedback on 
their journal  entries (Fig. 59), and the is notified via e mail when the teacher has commented 
on their entry. 
Finally, when Quizzes is selected from the Activities 
block, a list of all course quizzes appears (Filg.60), 
allowing the teacher to select a specific quiz and view 
student results (Fig. 61). Simply click the link on the 
right side of a quiz in the list to see student results. 
Results can be view in different ways, including: 
Fig. 58 
Overview (shown) 
Regrade attempts 
Detail statistics 
Simple statistics   
Fig. 60 
Fig. 61 
Fig. 59 



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