Learner Management 
Administration Block 
One of the selections in this block has already been discussed  in  the  Course  Management           
section of the manual (page 11). The remainder of the selections in this block are discussed 
here, including: 
     Turn editing on allows you to make changes to the course (e.g. add activities). 
     Settings allows you to change the look of your class (see page 11). 
     Teachers lists all the teachers for the course (typically just you, but could be more than 
that if the class were team taught). 
     Students lists all of the students in the class. You can manually enroll or unenroll a          
student from here. 
     Backup allows your class data to be backed up. 
     Restore allows you to restore old class data (that was backed up). 
     Scales allows you to define special scales for evaluation. These are made up of word 
evaluations (i.e., Excellent, Good, Average, etc.) 
     Grades lists the grades of the tests and quizzes of each enrolled student. 
     Logs shows you all of the activity in your class for a set amount of time. 
     Files allows you to upload files (e.g. graphics, Word, PP, Excel doc's etc.) into your 
course, for inclusion in an activity or layout. 
     Help brings up the Moodle abbreviated manual pages. 
     Teacher forum  is a teacher only discussion board. 
This  feature  lists  all  teachers         
(Fig. 62) in a course (typically just 
you). From here you can add a 
co teacher if you wish. To add 
another teacher to your class, 
click on the  Add teacher  button 
next to the name of the teacher 
you wish to add (or type in the 
Fig. 62 
teacher's name if there are too 
many users to show). 
Once you have added a teacher, you can set the  Order  of the teachers (for listing purposes   
1 is at the top, lower numbers are in numerical order on the list). If you wish, you can select 
 Hide  from the  Order  menu. This hides that teacher from the students (unless the teacher 
posts something in the class). This is useful if you want another teacher to audit the class with 
The last setting is the  Edit  menu. If this is set to  Yes,  the teacher can do anything a normal 
teacher can do (create assignments, grade, etc.). If this is set to  no,  the teacher has the         
access rights of a teacher (the teacher can go anywhere and see everything in a class), but the 
new teacher will not be able to change anything (no editing permissions). 
You can add or unenroll a student from your class manually from the Students property screen          
(Fig. 63). On the left are the students currently enrolled in the class, and on the right are the 
students that could be added to 
the class.  
Fig. 63 



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