Learner Management 
To add a new student, click on the left facing arrow next to the student's name (or type in the 
student's name in the  Search  field if there are too many students to list). The student should 
move from the  Potential student  column to the  Enrolled  students   column.  To  unenroll  a           
student from a class, click on the right facing arrow next to the student's name. The student 
should move from the  Enrolled students  column to the  Potential students  column. Please 
note that students may enroll themselves by clicking on the class listing of your class (they will 
need the enrollment key if you supply one).  
Generally, you will not have to worry about backup as the primary Moodle administrator has set 
a schedule of site wide backups. However, it is a best management practice to perform a 
course backup at regular intervals, and to store this backup locally  on  your  computer.                   
After clicking the Backup link you will see options for specific activities you wish to backup. 
Simply follow the on screen instructions to complete a backup. 
If you have backup files you wish to restore to the system, click on this button. 
The Scales feature (Fig. 64) allows you to create a word based custom evaluation scale             
(like  fair,   excellent,  etc.) that is used as the grading instrument within an activity. Default 
scales include 1 100 and Separate and Connected ways of knowing. Here's how to create a 
custom grading scale: 
     Click Add a new scale button from within the Scales property window 
     Name   This is the name of the scale. 
     Scale   This is where you input your scale 
words. You can have as many as you like, but 
they need to be separated by commas, and 
they should be from the lowest level comment 
(like  Poor ) to the highest level comment           
(like  Excellent ). 
     Description   This is an optional field. You may 
type anything you like here that describes your 
custom scale. 
When you are done typing in the information, click on 
 Save changes  button The new scale will now be 
available within all resources where scales can be  
applied (Forums, Assignments, Quizzes, Lessons, 
Fig. 63 
Journals, Workshops). 
Grades feature (Fig. 64) displays the grades and scales  applied  for  Forums,  Quizzes,             
Assignments, Lessons, Journals, Workshops and SCORM activities  that  students  have          
completed, submitted or posted. You can easily download grades in  Excel or text format for 
inclusion in a grade book, and you can select which course on the site you are enrolled in as a 
teacher to view grades. 
Fig. 64 



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