Learner Management 
Logs show you the activity in your class for different days or times. This can be useful to check 
to see if everyone has done a certain task, or spent a required amount of time online within 
certain activities. When you select Logs from the Administration block, a report screen (Fig. 65) 
is revealed that allows you to set filter criteria for the type of logs (Fig. 66) you wish to view, 
     Course you want to view 
     If  Groups  are enable, which group you want to view 
     A specific participant (or All participants) whose logs you want to view 
     A date (or all dates) for logs you want to view 
     Which course activity (or All activities) logs you want to view 
Fig. 65 
Fig. 66 
The Files feature (Fig. 67) allows you to upload files to the server within your course.         
These files are stored in a special place on the server, outside of the public directory (cannot 
be access by web surfers). Students do not have access to these files unless you link them to 
an activity within the course, using the HTML editor (see page 15).  A file can be text         
documents, sound, graphic or video, spreadsheet, PowerPoint or any executable file. Moodle 
will either open it for the student within their browser, or download.  
Fig. 67 
You can create a folder within the Files area for storing all course resources 
you want to allow students to have access to on the course homepage. One  
option from the Add a resource  menu is  Display a directory , which allows 
you to select only the directory for display you created in the Files area.  
Moodle's internal help file, an abbreviated reference like this manual. 
Teacher Forum 
This is a forum that is accessible by teachers only. It can be used to discuss anything you like, 
but may be especially useful if face to face meetings are difficult (if schedules conflict). It may 
also be useful for departmental discussions and course creation ideas. 



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