Installing Moodle 
First, test that the script works by running it directly from your browser: 
Now, you need to set up some way of running the script automatically and regularly.  
On Windows systems 
The simplest way is to use the little package moodle cron for                   
( cron for which makes this 
whole thing very easy by installing a small Windows service. Run it and forget about it! 
On web hosting services 
Your web based control panel may have a web page that allows you to set up this 
cron process. For example, on a Cpanel system, look for a button called "Cron jobs". 
In there you can put the same sort of Unix commands as listed below.  
Using the command line on Unix  
There are different command line programs you can use to call the page from the 
command line. Not all of them may be available on a given server. For example, you 
can use a Unix utility like  wget : 
wget  q  O /dev/null 
Note in this example that the output is thrown away (to /dev/null). The same thing  
using lynx: 
lynx  dump > /dev/null 
Alternatively you could use a standalone version of PHP, compiled to be run on the 
command line. The advantage with doing this is that your web server logs aren t filled 
with constant requests to cron.php. The disadvantage is that you need to have access 
to a command line version of php. 
/opt/bin/php /web/moodle/admin/cron.php 
Using the crontab program on Unix  
All that Cpanel does is provide a web interface to a Unix utility  known  as  crontab.         
If you have a command line, you can set up crontab yourself using the command: 
crontab  e 
and then adding one of the above commands like: 
*/5 * * * * wget  q  O /dev/null 
Usually, the "crontab" command will put you into the  vi  editor. You enter "insert 
mode" by pressing "i", then type in the  line  as  above,  then  exit  insert  mode  by             
pressing ESC. You save and exit by typing ":wq", or quit without saving using 
":q!" (without the quotes). 



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