Subsequent to our fiscal year end, we announced our
added to our Board. We look forward to significant
intentions to divest the majority of our federal operations to
contributions from them. Clifford Kendall, Peter Bracken,
Lockheed Martin and simultaneously acquire a commercial
and Henry Hortenstine retired from service as directors of
IT outsourcing business from Lockheed Martin. We will be
ACS, and Bill Deckelman has relinquished his position on
retaining our federal business with the Department of
the Board but will continue to serve as ACS Executive Vice
Education, as we are committed to expanding our education
President and General Counsel. We want to express our
services at all levels of government. We made these changes
appreciation to these former directors who for many years
to focus on our core markets, enhance opportunities for our
worked diligently along with the other directors to guide
federal employees, and to re deploy capital toward more
ACS through many successful growth years.
attractive opportunities. The transactions with Lockheed
Martin are expected to close in the second quarter of 
Setting Our Sights on the Future
FY 2004 and are subject to several closing conditions.
Our Board of Directors took significant steps in
ACS is ready to pursue its future. ACS was named to
September 2003 to formalize important corporate
the prestigious ranks of the Fortune 500, a distinction we
governance guidelines and proactively comply with new
are very proud of. We are leading the BPO market with our
legal and New York Stock Exchange requirements. ACS has
vertical market focus, targeted service offerings, world class
a long tradition of integrity in financial reporting and ethical
software, global production capabilities, and our world class
business conduct that will be further strengthened by our
clients. Clients are everything to ACS, and we will work
new governance guidelines. The guidelines cover Board
tirelessly for their success. FY 2003 was a great year for
matters such as the roles and responsibilities of the Board
ACS and our clients, and we look forward to what we
and individual directors, director qualifications, periodic
believe will be an exciting and prosperous 2004.
Board and committee evaluations, director compensation,
stock ownership guidelines for directors and executive
management, and succession planning. Adoption of these
corporate governance guidelines will place ACS among the
Darwin Deason
top industry ratings published by corporate governance
Founder and Chairman of the Board
rating firms.
Our Board is now composed of a majority of
independent directors. We are very pleased to have recently
announced that two new independent directors,
J. Livingston Kosberg and Dennis McCuistion, have been
Jeffrey A. Rich
Chief Executive Officer



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