Welfare and Community Solutions 
We provide management, operations and systems service offerings to local Workforce Development Boards and Coalitions, 
thereby creating a government mandated, integrated One Stop system linking job seekers and job providers in accordance 
with government mandated requirements.  Through the operation of approximately 105 One Stop centers across the country, 
we use technology innovations and re engineered service delivery models to provide job related service to assist low income 
families in securing and retaining employment and help employers find and retain potential employees. 
Information Technology Outsourcing 
We are a leading provider of full service IT outsourcing services to cities and counties throughout the United States.  We 
also provide justice information systems for state and municipal courts, finance and tax systems for local governments, and 
application outsourcing services, and e government solutions for state and local customers. 
Within the commercial sector, which comprises 33% of our fiscal year 2003 consolidated revenues, we provide our clients 
with business process outsourcing, technology outsourcing and systems integration services. 
Pricing for our services in the commercial market varies by type of service.  For business process outsourcing services, we  
typically price these services on the basis of the number of accounts or transactions processed. Our technology outsourcing 
services, which are normally provided pursuant to multi year contracts, are normally priced on a resource utilization basis.  
Resources utilized include processing time, the number of desktops managed, professional services, data storage and retrieval 
utilization, and output media utilized.  Our systems integration services are generally offered on a time and materials basis to 
existing long term clients under short term contractual arrangements. 
Business Process Outsourcing 
Our commercial business process outsourcing practice is focused in five major categories: claims processing, human resources, 
finance and accounting, loan processing, and document processing.  We provide healthcare and other claims processing for 
many of the large healthcare payers in the United States.  Within human resources, we provide benefit claims processing, 
employee services call centers, benefits administration, employee relocation, training administration and learning services, 
vendor administration, and employee assistance programs.  Within finance and accounting we provide revenue/invoicing 
accounting, disbursement processing, expense reporting, procurement, payroll, cash management, fixed asset accounting, tax 
processing, general ledger and other services associated with finance and accounting that are process and technology sensitive.  
We handle loan processing services such as collections, account reconciliations and borrower correspondence for third party 
student loan programs and specialty lending programs. We also handle the processing and storage of documents for banks, 
mortgage companies and other corporations that desire electronic access and storage of their documents.   
We receive client information in all media formats such as over the web, EDI, fax, voice, paper, microfilm, computer tape, 
optical disk, or CD ROM. Information is typically digitized upon receipt and sent through our proprietary workflow software, 
which is tailored to our clients' process requirements.  Utilizing network technology, we have developed expertise in 
transmitting data around the world to our international workforce.  We have approximately 10,000 employees in Mexico, 
Guatemala, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Spain, India, Malaysia, Ireland, Germany and China, as well as several other countries, 
that support our commercial business process outsourcing services. A majority of our business process outsourcing workforce is 
compensated using performance based metrics, and as a result, varies with our clients  transaction volumes. 
Technology Outsourcing   
We offer a complete range of technology outsourcing solutions to commercial businesses desiring to improve the performance of 
their information technology organizations. Our target market for technology outsourcing services consists of medium to 
large sized commercial organizations with time critical, transaction intensive information processing needs. Our technology 
outsourcing solutions include the delivery of information processing services on a remote basis from host data centers that  



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