proposal to the Department. In August 2003, the Department notified us that it had determined that we are in the competitive 
range for award, and that negotiations would begin shortly to be followed by the Department s request for submission of final 
proposal revisions and an award determination. We anticipate that the Department will make a decision on the procurement 
in October 2003 and believe we are positioned favorably because of our performance record with the Department. However, 
there can be no assurance that we will be awarded the new contract for Common Services to Borrowers. 
In May 2003, the Department provided public notice that it intended to enter into negotiations with us to modify our existing 
contract for the purpose of revising the period of performance for a period of up to 36 months, with the use of appropriate 
options, through September 30, 2006. The Department further stated that this contract action would be on a sole source basis 
and would accommodate a prompt and successful transition to the Common Services for Borrowers vendor. We are 
continuing discussions with the Department regarding this modification; however, the terms of the proposed modification 
have not been negotiated at this time and it is likely that the negotiations will not be completed by September 30, 2003, the 
date the Department stated it anticipated completing the contract modification. 
Systems Integration Services  
We provide applications development, applications outsourcing, network implementation and maintenance, desktop services, 
technical staff support, and training under long term contracts to the Department of Defense and civilian agencies, who generally 
either contract directly with us or through the General Services Administration for these services.  The General Services 
Administration performs the procurement function for many civilian and Department of Defense agencies.  Approximately 33% 
of these services for fiscal year 2003 were provided pursuant to six contracts with the General Services Administration.  We also 
provide our services directly to a variety of civilian agencies such as the Departments of Labor, Treasury, Transportation
Energy, as well as NASA, FAA, the U.S. Postal Service, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  In addition to the 
above services, we provide command and control, communications, computer and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance  
 and ISR) systems integration services
to a variety of Department of Defense agencies such as Air Force Materiel Command, 
the U.S. Unified Commands,
the National Security Agency.  
Revenues by Service Line 
Our revenues by service line over the past three years are shown in the following table (in thousands):  
Year ended June 30, 
 2003  2002  2001 
Business process outsourcing 
$ 2,582,773 
  $ 1,942,865 
  $    974,244 
Systems integration services 
$ 3,787,206 
  $ 3,062,918 
  $ 2,063,559 
Client Base 
We achieve growth in our client base through internal marketing and acquisitions of other business process and information 
technology services companies. We have a diverse client base.  Within the state and local government segment, our clients 
include a wide variety of state governments, municipal governments and agencies. Within the commercial segment, we serve all 
of the major vertical markets that spend heavily on technology including the healthcare, retail, transportation, manufacturing and 
financial industries.  Within the federal government segment, our clients include both the Department of Defense agencies and 
various civilian agencies. Clients may be lost due to merger, business failure, or conversion to a competing processor or to an in 
house system. Our business with government clients is subject to various risks, including the reduction or modification of 
contracts due to changing government needs and requirements.  Government contracts, by their terms, generally can be 
terminated for convenience by the government, which means that the government may terminate the contract at any time, 
without cause, and in certain instances we would be entitled to receive compensation only for the services provided or stranded 
asset costs incurred at the time of termination. 



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