Section C 
The principal goal of the Commerce Information Technology Solutions Next Generation 
(COMMITS NexGen) program is to continue the momentum established by the 
COMMITS predecessor.  COMMITS NexGen will provide an attractive alternative GWAC 
vehicle that allows small businesses to change the way Government IT problems are 
solved.  The GWAC is established under the explicit statutory authority of the Clinger 
Cohen legislation, to provide a pool of exceptionally qualified, high quality small, small 
disadvantaged, small 8(a), small women owned, small veteran owned, and small service 
disabled veteran owned, and small HUBZone businesses.  These partners will deliver 
information technology solutions to the Department of Commerce and other Federal 
agencies through a performance based, streamlined method of acquisition.   
The COMMITS NexGen contract program is a true solutions based vehicle.  Under this 
structure the contracts contain neither fixed labor rates nor categories, nor do they 
contain pre established line items.  The COMMITS NexGen solution approach does not 
limit the partners to predefined contract line items.  For each fair opportunity task order 
competition, the COMMITS NexGen partners are free to identify and propose the best 
solution, with the focus on results.   Unless exempted (see FAR 16.505(b)(2)), each task 
order will be competed under the COMMITS fair opportunity competitive procedures 
(see attachment J   1). The COMMITS Fair Opportunity competitive procedures will 
maintain an ongoing competitive environment throughout the life of the contracts. Free 
from the constraints of prescribed CLINS and products, the solution based structure will 
significantly improve each Contractor's ability to craft innovative and state of the art 
COMMITS NexGen is a broad "solutions" based vehicle.  The contract scope includes all 
products and services necessary to meet the requesting activity s requirement. 
COMMITS NexGen contracts are available to both the Department and other 
government agencies and provide a pool of high quality talent from which to acquire 
information technology services and solutions. Work may be performed at headquarters 
and/or field offices located throughout the United States and abroad.  
As described in the chart below, the COMMITS NexGen ordering methodology will utilize 
a three tier process for task order competition. Contractors who certified at $6 million or 
$12.5 million size standards will be allowed to compete on task orders with a life cycle 
value of equal to or less than $5 million (Tier I). Contractors who certified at $21 million 
or 500 employees will be allowed to compete on task orders with a life cycle value 
between $5 million and $40 million (Tier II).  Contractors who certified at 1500 
employees will only be allowed to compete on task orders with a life cycle value of more 
than $40 million (Tier III). 
Contractors in Tier I or Tier II, in addition to competing on task orders in their respective 
Tier, may compete on task orders in a higher Tier. However, those in Tier II or III may 
not compete in task orders in a lower Tier unless they are the incumbents. The 
incumbents will be able to propose on any follow on task order regardless of lifecycle 
value or Tier. 



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