Section C 
C.3.11 Other Computer Related Services 
 The Contractor shall provide computer related services (except custom programming, 
systems integration design, and facilities management services).  This may include 
computer disaster recovery services, software installation services and a full range of 
information systems security support solutions. 
C.3.12 Satellite Telecommunications 
The Contractor shall provide point to point telecommunications services to other 
establishments in the telecommunications and broadcasting industries by forwarding and 
receiving communications signals via a system of satellites or reselling satellite 
C.3.13 Cable and Other Program Distribution 
The Contractor shall support third party distribution systems for broadcast programming. 
The Contractor shall deliver visual, aural, or textual programming received from cable 
networks, local television stations, or radio networks to the contracting activity via cable 
or direct to home satellite systems on a subscription or fee basis. 
C.3.14 Other Telecommunications 
The Contractor shall provide specialized telecommunications applications, such as 
satellite tracking, communications telemetry, and radar station operations; or provide 
satellite terminal stations and associated facilities operationally connected with one or 
more terrestrial communications systems and capable of transmitting 
telecommunications to or receiving telecommunications from satellite systems. 
C.3.15 Web Search Portals 
The Contractor shall provide web search portals.  This includes operating web sites that 
use a search engine to generate and maintain extensive databases of Internet 
addresses and content in an easily searchable format. Web search portals often provide 
additional Internet services, such as e mail; connections to other web sites, auctions, 
news, and other limited content, and serve as a home base for Internet users. 
C.3.16 Libraries and Archives 
The Contractor shall provide library or archive services, to include maintaining 
collections of documents (e.g., books, journals, newspapers, and music) and facilitating 
the use of such documents (recorded information regardless of its physical form and 
characteristics) as are required to meet the informational, research, educational, or 
recreational needs of the contracting activity.  It may also include acquiring, researching, 
storing, preserving, and generally making accessible to the public historical documents, 
photographs, maps, audio material, audiovisual material, and other archival material of 
historical interest, electronically. 



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