Section G 
CORs shall be appointed in each TO issued under this contract. The appointment will be 
effective until the TO is completed or a written, or electronic, notice of termination is 
received from the CO responsible for the TO, whichever occurs first. Changes to the 
COR may be made by the CO via electronic mail direction or by TO modification 
(changes directed by electronic mail will be confirmed in the next subsequent 
modification as applicable). 
The COR has the authority to monitor the technical progress of the services that are 
required to be delivered under the TO. This includes, but is not limited to, visits to the 
place of performance, meetings and telephone conversations with your personnel, 
inspection, acceptance, or rejection of the contracted items and other duties that may be 
authorized by the CO. 
The COR cannot authorize or order the cessation of contract work nor delete, change, or 
waive any of the technical requirements or other terms and conditions of the TO. Should 
the Contractor desire a change (monetary or otherwise) to the TO, you must submit a 
written request to the CO for consideration. If appropriate, the change will be effected by 
a contract modification, after discussions and/or negotiations. Whenever a difference of 
opinion between the Contractor and the CTR occurs, the Contractor shall notify the CO 
or the contract administrator/specialist immediately for resolution. 
The COMMITS NexGen CO may delegate authority on an individual or class basis to 
issue TOs under this contract to Department of Commerce entities or other Government 
agencies. These TOs must be signed by a warranted Contracting Officer of a 
Government activity who may assign a COR and delegate certain administrative 
responsibilities to the COR to assist in the administration of individual TOs. However, 
COs do not have authority to obligate a Government activity other than the Government 
activity in which that CO works. 
The Contractor is not allowed to accept or perform under TOs issued by other than the 
COMMITS NexGen CO without evidence of approved delegation of authority. This 
delegation will be signed by a COMMITS NexGen CO and at a minimum contain a 
delegation number, identification of the requesting Government Activity procurement 
office and contracting officer, expiration period (if any) of the delegation, designation as 
an individual or class delegation, an estimated amount, a description of services and 
period of performance, and any special conditions of the delegation. The Contractor 
must provide a copy of each TO resulting from such a delegation to the COMMITS CO 
or their designated representative within five 5 calendar days of acceptance of the TO. 
G.5 CAR 1352.201 71 Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)  (March 2000) 
a.  ___________ is hereby designated as the Contracting Officer's Representative 
(COR).  The COR may be changed at any time by the Government without prior notice 
to the Contractor by a unilateral modification to the Contract.  The COR is located at: 



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