Section G 
Phone Number: __________________ 
b.  The responsibilities and limitations of the COR are as follows:  
(1) The COR is responsible for the technical aspects of the project and serves as 
technical liaison with the Contractor.  The COR is also responsible for the final 
inspection and acceptance of all reports, and such other responsibilities as may be 
specified in the contract. 
(2) The COR is not authorized to make any commitments or otherwise obligate the 
Government or authorize any changes, which affect the Contract price, terms or 
conditions.  Any Contractor request for changes shall be referred to the Contracting 
Officer directly or through the COR.  No such changes shall be made without the 
expressed prior authorization of the Contracting Officer.  The COR may designate 
assistant COR(s) to act for the COR by naming such assistant(s) in writing and 
transmitting a copy of such designation through the Contracting Officer to the Contractor. 
(End of Clause) 
G.6 CAR 1352.216 76 Placement of Orders      (March 2000) 
The Contractor shall provide services under this Contract only as directed in Task 
Orders.  In accordance with FAR 16.505, each order will include:   
Date of order. 
Contract number and order number. 
Item number and description, quantity, and unit price or estimated cost or fee. 
Delivery or performance date. 
Place of delivery or performance (including consignee). 
Packaging, packing, and shipping instructions, if any. 
Accounting and appropriation data. 
Method of payment and payment office, if not specified in the contract. 
Any other pertinent information. 
(End of Clause) 
Invoices shall contain the information required by FAR 52.232 25, Prompt Payment, 
including the contract number, task order number, and applicable line item 
numbers. Invoices for cost type task orders also shall contain the following: 
1.  All direct labor charges substantiated by hours and dollars incurred by labor 
category. Straight time and premium labor charges shall be substantiated 
2.  All other direct costs (if any) substantiated at the same level as originally 
3.  All subcontract costs (if any) substantiated by cost category at the same level of 
detail as prime costs.  



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