Section G 
4.  All indirect costs based on application of the indirect billing rates applied to the 
applicable cost bases.  
5.  All charges for Fixed Fee.  Subject to the withholding provisions of the contract 
clause entitled, "Fixed Fee" incorporated in Section I of the contract, the fixed fee 
specified above shall be paid in installments at the time of each payment for 
allowable costs, the amount of each installment being determined by applying to 
the amount payable as allowable cost a percentage reflecting the ratio of total 
fixed fee to total estimated cost. 
6.  Cumulative value to date of all billings against the applicable task order. 
Invoices for cost type task orders shall be submitted no more than every two weeks. A 
minimum amount of $500 per invoice is required, unless the invoice is a final invoice. 
There shall be a lapse of no more than sixty (60) days between time of performance and 
submission of an invoice. 
Invoices for firm fixed price task orders shall be submitted in accordance with the 
payment schedule in the order.  
Where performance based payments for task orders are involved, the Contractor shall 
not submit invoices nor will the Government approve payment until a defined event 
occurred and that the performance met the established criteria for success. 
Additional billing instructions, including submittal instructions, shall be provided under 
each individual task order issued under the contract. By execution of this contract, the 
Contractor acknowledges that invoice substantiation requirements may differ under each 
task order due to the varying nature of customer practices, and agrees to provide all 
data required by the task order Contracting Officer to substantiate invoices. 
a. Outside the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area: 
Travel by air will be reimbursed at actual not to exceed coach fare. Travel subsistence 
reimbursement will be authorized under the rates and conditions of the Federal Travel 
Regulations. Per diem will be reimbursed at actuals, not to exceed the per diem rates set 
forth in FAR 31.205 46 (in effect at time of travel), or at said per diem rates regardless of 
actual cost, whichever is in accordance with the Contractor's standard accounting 
practice or disclosure statement. When there is travel of more than 10 hours, but less 
than 24 hours, when no lodging is required, per diem shall be one half of the Meals and 
Incidental Expenses (M&IE) rate applicable to the location of the temporary duty 
assignment. If more than one temporary duty point is involved, the allowance will be 
one half of the M&IE rate prescribed for the location where the majority of the time is 
spent performing official business. The per diem allowance shall not be allowed when 
the period of official travel is 10 hours or less during the same calendar day. Travel by 
privately owned vehicle will be reimbursed at the current GSA approved mileage rate. If 
the Contractor incurs travel costs in excess of the amount shown in each TO, it is at its 
own expense. 
b. Inside the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area: 



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