Section G 
All performance evaluations will done in accordance with FAR 42.15 (2003) and 
any subsequent amendments thereto. 
The MPSR is prepared by each Contractor for the COMMITS NexGen CO. The report is 
only prepared when the Contractor has active task orders. The MPSR shall include a 
brief summary of significant activities, problems and developments occurring during the 
reporting period, as well as progress made at the TO level. It provides a technical activity 
summary by COMMITS NexGen task order number. The report must be received by the 
COMMITS NexGen CO, via e mail, no later than the 10
 of each month. A sample 
MPSR format is shown in Attachment J 2. 
Pursuant to FAR 52.219 14, Limitation on Subcontracting, a Contractor may not 
subcontract greater than 50% of work under this contract on a cumulative basis (i.e., 
although individual task orders may have greater than 50% subcontracting, the total 
cumulative subcontracting under all task orders may not exceed 50%). The Contractor 
shall submit an annual report to the Contracting Officer on October 31 of each year 
detailing the subcontracting percentage under task orders performed during the previous 
Government fiscal year. The report shall show the subcontracting percentage for the 
year under each individual task order, the cumulative total for the reporting period under 
the contract, and the cumulative total for the life of the contract. The Government 
reserves the right to limit awards made to a Contractor not in compliance with this 
clause. A sample Subcontracting Form is shown in Attachment J 3. 
(End of Section G)



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