Section H 
c. All costs associated with preparation, presentation, and/or discussion of the 
Contractor s TO proposal shall be at the Contractor s expense. Post award TO 
administration is an allowable expense. The Contractor is responsible for 
determining the most appropriate method for recovering such costs (e.g., direct 
or indirect charges to Task Orders) based on its standard accounting practices. 
d. The Government will use a three tier ordering process for task order 
competition as described in Section C.2.  Certified Contractors under NAICS 
codes with $6 million or $12.5 million size standards will be allowed to compete 
on Task Orders with a life cycle value equal to or less than $5 million (Tier I). 
Contractors certified with a size standard of $21 million or 500 employees will 
compete on Task Orders with a life cycle value between $5 million and $40 
million (Tier II).  Contractors certified under the 1500 employee NAICS codes will 
only compete for Task Orders with a life cycle value at more than $40 million 
(Tier III).  The only exception to this approach is for follow on Task Orders in 
which the incumbent Contractor may compete.   Tier I and Tier II Contractors are 
eligible to compete in upper tiers.  The Government reserves the right to deviate 
from this ordering methodology if it is determined to be in the best interest of the 
The below graph illustrates the above process: 
Can bid upstairs 
>$40 m
500 Person 
Between $5m
Cannot bid downstairs 
and $40m 
(unless incumbent) 
= to or <$5m 
e. No work will be performed and no payment will be made except as authorized 
by a TO. 
f. The Contracting Officer s selection decision on each TO request shall be final 
and shall not be subject to the protest or disputes provisions of the contract, 
except for a protest that the TO improperly increases the scope, period, or 
maximum value of the contract.  



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