Section H 
g. The Government intends to use electronic commerce methods to the 
maximum extent practicable for TOs. 
The Contractor is required to re certify its small business size status every 3 years (or in 
accordance with SBA regulations) on the anniversary of the contract award.  Contractors 
are required to submit updated Section K   Representation and Certifications, prior to 
the exercise of the third option year to remain eligible. The DOC recognizes the pending 
SBA proposed rule, which requires annual recertification. Upon final ruling, a change to 
the contract will be incorporated.  
The Contracting Officer may request re certification by the Contractor prior to, or after, 
the three year certification benchmark.  Re certification requests will result from, but are 
not limited to, changes in stock ownership or purchases, novation agreements, or other 
similar ownership/investment changes.   
The Department intends to utilize the re certification process to manage the  On and Off 
Ramps  and maintain a sufficient pool of Contractors at each size category. 
 Off ramps  will be utilized when a Contractor outgrows their certified size status and is 
therefore no longer eligible to receive new Task Orders within a specific size category 
and/or failed to propose on task order requirements.  Contractors that outgrow their size 
status will either  graduate  into the next size category, or be removed from the contract 
entirely, if they do not recertify in a size category in accordance with Section H.4 RE 
CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS.  In addition, if a Contractor fails to compete on at 
least three task order requirements in a given year, it will not be eligible to compete on 
future Task Orders and the Government may not exercise its option.   
The Government reserves the right to conduct  on ramps  if it is determined to be in the 
best interest of the Government.   On ramps  will be used to obtain a new pool of 
Contractors as off ramps are implemented.   On ramps  will ensure that additional 
Contractors have an opportunity to participate in the COMMITS NexGen and that 
program goals and objectives are being met relative to fair opportunity practices.    On 
ramps  will involve an open season and will be conducted no earlier than three years 
from date of award.  An open season will include publicizing a notice in the designated 
Government point of entry, FedBizOps.    
Contracts awarded under this open season provision will share in the ceiling of the 
COMMITS NexGen program and their award shall not constitute a basis of contractual 
adjustment for existing partners. Solicitation and any resulting contracts awarded under 



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