Section H 
As stated in the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Letter 92 1, dated September 23, 
1992, Inherently Governmental Functions, no personal services shall be performed 
under this contract. No contractor employee will be directly supervised by the 
Government. All contractor employee assignments, and daily work direction, shall be 
given by the applicable contractor employee supervisor. If the Contractor believes any 
Government action or communication has been given that would create a personal 
services relationship between the Government and any contractor employee, the 
Contractor shall promptly notify the Contracting Officer of this communication or action.  
The Contractor shall not perform any inherently governmental actions under this 
contract. No contractor employee shall hold him or herself out to be a Government 
employee, agent, or representative. No contractor employee shall state orally or in 
writing at any time that he or she is acting on behalf of the Government. In all 
communications with third parties in connection with this contract, contractor employees 
shall identify themselves as contractor employees and specify the name of the company 
for which they work. In all communications with other Government, Contractors in 
connection with this contract, the contractor employee shall state that he/she have no 
authority to in any way change the contract.  If any Contractor believes that a 
communication is a direction to change its contract, it should notify the appropriate 
Contracting Officer and not carry out the direction until a clarification has been issued by 
the Contracting Officer.  
The Contractor shall ensure that all of its employees working on this contract are 
informed of the substance of this clause. Nothing in this clause shall limit the 
Government s rights in any way under any other provision of the contract, including 
those related to the Government s right to inspect and accept the services to be 
performed under this contract. The substance of this clause shall be included in all 
H.14.1 CAR 1352.209 71 Organizational Conflict of Interest (March 2000) 
The Contractor warrants that, to the best of the Contractor's knowledge 
and belief, there are no relevant facts or circumstances which would give 
rise to an organizational conflict of interest, as defined in FAR Subpart 
9.5, or that the Contractor has disclosed all such relevant information. 
The Contractor agrees that if an actual or potential organizational conflict 
of interest is discovered after award, the Contractor make will a full 
disclosure in writing to the Contracting Officer. This disclosure shall 
include a description of actions which the Contractor has taken or 
proposes to take, after consultation with the Contracting Officer, to avoid, 
mitigate, or neutralize the actual or potential conflict. 
Remedies   The Contracting Officer may terminate this contract for 
convenience, in whole or in part, if it deems such termination necessary 
to avoid an organizational conflict of interest. If the Contractor was aware 



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