Section H 
of a potential organizational conflict of interest prior to award or 
discovered an actual or potential conflict after award and did not disclose 
or misrepresented relevant information to the Contracting Officer, the 
Government may terminate the contract for default, debar the Contractor 
for Government contracting, or pursue such other remedies as may be 
permitted by law or this contract. 
The Contractor further agrees to insert provisions which shall conform 
substantially to the language of this clause, including the paragraph (d), in 
any subcontract or consultant agreement hereunder. 
(End of Clause) 
In the event that a TO is issued to the Contractor that would require activity that would 
create a potential conflict of interest, the Contractor shall: 
Notify the Contracting Officer of a potential conflict, and; 
Recommend to the Government an alternate tasking approach which 
would avoid the potential conflict, or 
Present for approval a conflict of interest mitigation plan that will: 
Describe in detail the TO requirement that creates the potential 
conflict of interest; and 
Outline in detail the actions to be taken by the Contractor or the 
Government in the performance of the task to mitigate the conflict, 
by division of subcontractor effort, limited access to information, or 
other acceptable means. 
The Contractor shall not commence work on a TO related to a potential 
conflict of interest until specifically notified by the Contracting Officer to 
If the Contracting Officer determines that it is in the best interest of the 
Government to issue a TO, notwithstanding a conflict of interest, a 
request for waiver shall be submitted in accordance with FAR 9.503. 
The Contractor shall provide all management, administrative, clerical, and supervisory 
functions required for the effective and efficient performance of this contract. 
The Contractor shall save and hold harmless and indemnify the Government against any 
and all liability, claims, and costs of whatever kind and nature for injury to or death of any 
person or persons and for loss or damage to any property occurring in connection with, 



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