Section H 
or in any way incident to, or arising out of, the occupancy, use, service, operations, or 
performance of work under the terms of this contract, resulting in whole or in part from 
the negligent acts or omissions of the Contractor. 
The Government shall not be liable for any injury to the Contractor s personnel or 
damage to the Contractor s property unless such injury or damage is due to negligence 
on the part of the Government and is recoverable under the Federal Torts Claims Act, or 
pursuant to another Federal statutory authority. 
A smooth and orderly transition between the Contractor and a predecessor or successor 
Contractor is necessary to ensure minimum disruption to vital Government business. 
The Contractor shall cooperate fully in the transition. 
The Contractor shall adhere to the same professional and ethical standards of conduct 
required of Government personnel. The Contractor shall not: 
a.  Discuss with unauthorized persons any information obtained in the 
performance of work under this contract; 
b.  Conduct business not directly related to this contract on Government 
c.  Use computer systems and/or other Government facilities for company or 
personal business other than work related to COMMITS NexGen; or 
d.  Recruit on Government premises or otherwise act to disrupt official 
Government business. 
The Government may require security clearances, perhaps higher than top secret (top 
secret specialized compartmentalized information), for performance of any TO under this 
contract. If satisfactory security arrangements cannot be made with the Contractor, the 
required services shall be obtained from other sources.  
The level of classified access required shall be indicated on DD 254 or other appropriate 
form incorporated into each TO requiring access to classified information. Contractors 
are required to have background investigations for suitability if they occupy positions of 
trust (e.g., systems administration) even if they do NOT have access to classified 
Necessary facility and/or staff clearances shall be in place prior to issuance of a TO 
under this contract.  
If the requiring activity is a government agency other than the Department of Commerce, 
the Contracting Officer will be responsible for ensuring that all applicable security 
clauses for that agency will be incorporated into the Task Orders.  The Contractor shall 
comply with all such clauses. 



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