Section H 
H.16.1 1352.237 71 Security Processing Requirements for 
Contractor/Subcontractor Personnel Working on a Department of Commerce Site 
(High Risk Contracts)  (March 2000) 
Use the following clause in all service contracts classified as high risk, which will be 
performed on or within Government premises 
a.   Security Processing Requirement 
All contractor (and subcontractor) personnel proposed to work on the premises of a 
Department of Commerce site under this contract must undergo security processing by 
the Department s Office of Security (OSY) before he or she is eligible to work on the 
premises of the Herbert C. Hoover (HCH) Building or other buildings used for 
Department operations. 
b.   Additional Requirements for Foreign Nationals (Non U.S. Citizens) 
Non U.S. citizens to be employed under this contract must: 
Have legal visa status with the Immigration and Naturalization Service 
Have advance approval from the servicing Security Officer in consultation 
with the Office of Security.  (The Office of Security routinely consults with 
appropriate agencies regarding the use of non U.S. citizens on contracts 
and can provide up to date information concerning this matter.)  
c.  Submittal Requirements 
The Contractor must complete and submit the following forms to the Contracting 
Officer's Representative (COR), who will review and forward them to the cognizant 
Security Officer: 
A Standard Form 85P (SF 85P)  Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions 
A Form FD 258 (Fingerprint Chart with OPM ORI number) 
Upon completion of the security processing, OSY, through the Security Officer and the 
COR, will notify the Contractor in writing of the individual s eligibility to be given access 
to the HCH Building or other DOC buildings. 
Security Processing shall consist of limited personal background inquiries pertaining to 
verification of name, physical description, marital status, present and former residences, 
education, employment history, criminal record, personal references, medical fitness, 
fingerprint classification, and other pertinent information.  It is the option of OSY to 
repeat the security processing on any contract employee at its discretion. 



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