Section H 
4) Contract personnel performing work designated Contract Low Risk will require 
a Special Agreement Check (SAC) upon the subject's start of work on the 
contract if the expected duration of the contract (including options) exceeds 180 
calendar days but is less than 365 calendar days. The SAC must be initiated 
within three working days of the subject's start of work on the contract. 
5) Contract personnel performing work on contracts requiring access to classified 
information must undergo investigative processing according to the Department 
of Defense National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), 
) and be granted eligibility for access to 
classified information prior to beginning work on the contract. 
The security forms may be obtained from the cognizant DOC security office servicing 
your bureau, operating unit, or Departmental office. At the option of the government, 
interim access to DOC IT systems may be granted pending favorable completion of a 
pre employment check. Final access may be granted only on completion of an 
appropriate investigation based upon the risk level assigned to the contract by the 
Contracting Officer. 
(b) Within 5 days after contract award, the Contractor shall certify in writing to the COR 
that its employees, in performance of the contract, have completed annual IT security 
awareness training in DOC IT Security policies, procedures, computer ethics, and best 
practices, in accordance with DOC IT Security Program Policy, section 3.13 
( IT Security Program Policy.htm
). The COR will inform 
the Contractor of any other available DOC training resources. 
(c) Within 5 days of contract award, the Contractor shall provide the COR with signed 
Nondisclosure Agreements as specified in Commerce Acquisition Regulation (CAR), 
1352.209  72, Restrictions Against Disclosures. 
(d) The Contractor shall afford DOC, including the Office of Inspector General, access to 
the Contractor's and subcontractor's facilities, installations, operations, documentation, 
databases, and personnel used in performance of the contract. Access shall be provided 
to the extent required to carry out a program of IT inspection, investigation, and audit to 
safeguard against threats and hazards to the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of 
DOC data or to the function of computer systems operated on behalf of DOC, and to 
preserve evidence of computer crime. 
(e) The Contractor shall incorporate this clause in all subcontracts that meet the 
conditions in paragraph (a) of this clause. 
(End of clause) 



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