Section H 
The Contractor shall provide fully trained and experienced technical and personnel 
(including replacement personnel) required for performance of task orders. This includes 
training necessary for keeping personnel abreast of industry advances and for 
maintaining proficiency on equipment, computer languages, and computer operating 
systems that are available on the commercial market. Training of personnel shall be 
performed by the Contractor at its own expense.  
a.  For any Task Orders issued with award fee provisions, the individual TO shall 
contain the applicable Award Fee Plan. 
b.  At a minimum, the Award Fee clause shall contain the following: 
1. Performance measures 
2. Schedule for determination of award fee earned 
3. Amount of the award fee to be earned  
Because of the wide diversity of work possible under COMMITS NexGen, the potential 
ten year contract life, and the rapidly changing nature of information technology, the 
Government recognizes that the Contractor may need to use many different 
subcontractors to meet specific customer needs.  
For the purposes of COMMITS NexGen, "mandatory subcontractor" is defined as any 
subcontractor, team member, or consultant (at any tier) designated by the prime 
Contractor as being necessary for technical consideration (i.e., technical evaluation) by 
the Government in its selection decision for each task order. 
A subcontractor designated as "mandatory" for a TO shall not be replaced on that TO 
without the written approval of the cognizant CO. Any subcontractor not specified in a 
TO as being "mandatory" shall be considered "non mandatory". "Non mandatory" 
subcontractors may be proposed on a TO and shall be considered for cost evaluation 
purposes but shall not be considered in the technical evaluation. 
COMMITS NexGen is envisioned to be a "Solutions Based Contract." This term refers to 
contracts that encompass everything from the analysis of hardware/software 
implementation to ongoing operational support of an IT solution. 
Inclusion of hardware/software acquisition on a Task Order is within the purview of the 
cognizant Government Contracting Officer. Any hardware/software included must be 
considered to be related to the solution being acquired under the Task Order. 



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