Section I 
(b) Delivery or performance shall be made only as authorized by orders issued in 
accordance with the Ordering clause. The Contractor shall furnish to the Government, 
when and if ordered, the supplies or services specified in the Schedule up to and 
including the quantity designated in the Schedule as the "maximum." The Government 
shall order at least the quantity of supplies or services designated in the Schedule as the 
(c) Except for any limitations on quantities in the Order Limitations clause or in the 
Schedule, there is no limit on the number of orders requiring delivery to multiple 
destinations or performance at multiple locations. 
(d) Any order issued during the effective period of this contract and not completed within 
that period shall be completed by the Contractor within the time specified in the order. 
The contract shall govern the Contractor s and Government s rights and obligations with 
respect to that order to the same extent as if the order were completed during the 
contract s effective period; provided, that the Contractor shall not be required to make 
any deliveries or provide any services under this contract after one (1) year after 
expiration of this contract. 
(End of clause) 
I.8 FAR 52.219 17 SECTION 8(a) AWARD (DEVIATION) (DEC 1996)* 
(a) By execution of a contract, the Small Business Administration (SBA) agrees to the 
(1) (DELETED) 
(2) Except for novation agreements, delegates to the Department of Commerce the 
responsibility for administering the contract with complete authority to take any action on 
behalf of the Government under the terms and conditions of the contract; provided, 
however that the contracting agency shall give advance notice to the SBA before it 
issues a final notice terminating the right of the subcontractor to proceed with further 
performance, either in whole or in part, under the contract. 
(3) That payments to be made under the contract will be made directly to the 
subcontractor by the contracting activity. 
(4) To notify the Department of Commerce Contracting Officer immediately upon 
notification by the subcontractor that the owner or owners upon whom 8(a) eligibility was 
based plan to relinquish ownership or control of the concern. 
(b) The offeror/subcontractor agrees and acknowledges that it will, for and on behalf of 
the SBA, fulfill and perform all of the requirements of the contract. 
*Only applicable to 8(a) awards. 
(End of clause) 



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